Alternatives To Violence

Offices covering Los Angeles and Orange County

Long Beach Office: Click for map
6621 E. Pacific Coast Highway Suite 220
Long Beach, CA 90803
562 493-1161 ext# 2   562 596-6443 FAX
West Los Angeles Office: Click for map
2211 Corinth Ave. Suite 309
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Counseling Services

Group counseling for men and who have anger management problems in intimate relationships

Individual counseling for survivors and perpetrators of abusive relationships, rape survivors, adults abused as children and adolescents in abusive relationships.

Couples and family counseling are available only after a period of safety has been established and both individuals and the counselor(s) have been consulted. This is not recommended initially for several reasons:

(Available in Long Beach and West Los Angeles)

You may be an abuser if you...